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Would you like to improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of your professionals towards the concept of giftedness?

Do you wish to nurture your highly able young people (students, scholars, children, youngsters) and adults so well that their full potential can flourish and contribute to a successful future and a better world?

Your professionals can subscribe to the RITHA courses that are already planned.
And... we are  open to come to you and facilitate RITHA in your country!

In short this would mean:

  • You guarantee that at least 15 people subscribe to the blended RITHA course.
  • Our RITHA lecturers facilitate the 3 seminars belonging to the training on site, in your country. The length of each seminar will be 3 to 5 days (this is negotiable).
  • Programme outline
  • Studyload for participants: 30EC
  • Professional gain
  • Double reward for every participant: European Advanced diploma in educating the gifted + RITHA Certificate
  • Costs would be:
    • Fee: will be different per region (estimated price range: 7.500 to 10.000 per participant)
    • Travel costs and lodging of the participants (if needed)
    • Costs of the literature the participants need (+/- 250 euro)
    • Costs of the location/venue
    • Additional costs (e.g. lunch, dinner, drinks, …?)

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Are you interested? Would you like to have some more information?
Explore possibilities to form a RITHA group in your country?
Don’t hesitate to contact us – we would love to get to know you!

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For all potential partners: contact Ms. Barbara van Ginneken - International Ralations Management LinkedIn profile: Barbara van Ginneken

Potential Partners from Asia: contact Ms. Ava Kam - Consultant, RITHA Asia LinkedIn profile: Ava Kam


Get inspired

The Ministry of Education of Malta developed clear policies on Educating the Gifted on their island. They wish to nurture their highly able youth (children, youngsters, students) and adults so well that their full potential can flourish and their abilities can contribute to the (future) success of Malta. Therefore, a specific group of Maltese professionals has been offered the chance to follow the RITHA training. Of course, the RITHA staff facilitates the RITHA seminars on Malta.

In Croatia, a group of psychologists (mostly working at secondary schools, some working at primary schools) realized they needed to improve their knowledge about High Ability in order to guide their scholars in a more stimulating and inspiring manner. They formed a network, contacted us and are now following the RITHA course, including 3 seminars in Croatia.


Thank you, our wonderful partners:


Echa European Council for High Ability


University of Münster


Radboud Centre for Social Sciences


Directorate for learning and assessment programmes - MEDE

NGO “Udruga Vjetar u leda”