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We are very proud to announce that our Lianne Hoogeveen has won the Mensa Award 2018 within the category 'Education'. Congratulations Lianne!


More about the Mensa Foundation: www.mensafonds.nl (only in Dutch)






http://echa.info/: The European Council for High Ability, according to which we are qualified to train professionals on High Ability


http://etsn.eu/: The European Talent Support Network


https://www.icbf.de/en/; The ICBF in Münster, our partner


http://cbo-nijmegen.nl/: CBO Talent Development, where most of our teachers also work


http://nationaltalentcentre.nl/: The National Talent Centre of the Netherlands


http://www.echanetwerk.nl/: ECHA Specialists in Giftedness. Association of people with an ECHA diploma

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